Thursday, April 28, 2011

Art In The Streets (Part 2)

Here's some more shots of the Art In The Streets exhibit at the MOCA/Geffen. As stated above, be sure to check this one out. For graffiti artists especially, this is the closest thing to Disneyland so far.
 The acclaimed 'Street Gallery' installment by REAS, TWIST and ESPO. Complete with 'Style Wars- The Musical' video clip!

 Upon inspection of the 'Graffiti Magazine' table, I find my own old graffiti magazine sitting in the display. This pushed the show into the hyper surreal for me.

 The soul of graffiti has always been the subway car for me, and this entire wall devoted to subway photos reminded me of that.

 A great sample from LEE 163d's sketchbook.

A sample of the 'can wall' showcasing all of the classic, discontinued paint colors (Jungle Green, Krylon was the holy grail of paint colors)

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