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Evolution Of A Page ll

The first frame is a rough that was in a sketch book, so, not much changed as far as composition and layout. Then, the penciled version of the artboard, and, finally the inks. Word bubbles and tonal shading will happen once the art is scanned in.

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Figures 3

And some more rough color sketches of some figurine work Ive been doing. Mostly color studies and posing. From there, a premium pose/stance will be determined for the model to be sculpted from.

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During our stop in Amsterdam, our gracious hosts took us on a stop to Lambiek, Europe's first comic store. And how cool is it when Chris Ware made your business cards. That's saying a lot considering the Netherlands and Belgium boast the largest concentration of cartoonists in the world.

Most of Europes books are large format, kind of what you see Asterix and Tin Tin published in. Those 12 X 15 hard cover books rather than the flimsy newsprint we have here. This place had a ton of crazy European books, and our host, Michiel Offerman gave me some of his personal recommendations.

This place also had just about everything Herge had laid his hands on, so, I had to part with many Euros on some of this stuff.

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Mission accomplished.

Sorry to paraphrase that idiotic politician who calls himself our president, but, we're finally back home after a whirlwind tour of Central Asia by way of Northern Europe. Kazakhstan was amazing as were the people, cusine and experience. Way too much to tell, but here 's some photos:

More to come!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Central Asian Update

It's been a while since the last post. Here's what's been up:

Now that our lungs have adjusted to the thick diesel air, we just getting our heads around how amazing and other-wordly this place is. We're at the foot of mountains that border China and Mongolia, and the local people have that same look and culture.

Before I get to detailed in any of the stories I have involving smoked horse meat or local graffiti kids, here's some pics to give you an idea.

Video from the first day!