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You can't start talking about 'subliminal imagery' without getting into some seriously heated conversations, and, at best, a dubious smile from people. Nevertheless , the idea of appealing or effecting the subconscious, is very real, and has been done for years. The idea that it's actually effective in advertising is another story.

Below are some pretty funny examples of 'subliminal' messages in ads. It's easy to say that these are all in the beholders imagination, but, somethings going on in these images that I at least consider interesting. You be the judge.
I got so caught up in on subliminal imagery that I went used the idea for a 'slick board' (a skateboard graphic made from an actual photo, these deck assignments were very coveted, and usually experimental). There's all sorts of  stuff placed in here, apologies for the photo quality:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Red People

The last time I was in Santa Cruz, I drove past the 'Red People' house on Mission Street. It's the place where followers of the Osho, Bagwhan Rajneesh lived. It was across the street from my Junior High, and we'd see them coming and going all day.

If you saw a group of folks wearing red outfits around town, in the days before gangs caught on, it usually meant they belonged to the Osho group. They would go onto form a giant commune in Oregon, and come under investigation for bio-terrorism, for poisoning salad bars in the area

I was inspired to work it into 1985 somehow, so, I put together this illustration of one of those encounters. Plus, the photo of the actual house now, which is a law office of some kind:

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Yeah...just watch this. Incredible mix of camera moves, live motion and projection:

Brought to you by these guys!

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