Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Art In The Streets (Part 1)

The MOCA Geffen gallery in Little Tokyo/LA had the Art In The Streets exhibit running til about mid-august. I can't recommend this show enough.

 It ended up being much more of a comprehensive overview of Graffiti/ Street art than I thought, including just about every street artists who's ever touched a wall. From the 'Razor Gallery' exhibit to the Patti Astor run 'Fun Gallery', to, an entire display devoted to classic spray paint brands, there's not too much they missed in putting this gallery together.

Classic LA Artists MEAR One.

3 Dimensional Piece by Banksy

Banksy Canvas

The famous 'TNT Crew' pic from Subway Art, with the actual 'Howard The Duck' painting 
right above it.

Original 'Fun Gallery' piece by Revolt.

Original 'Fun Gallery' piece by Lady Pink.


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