Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Often times on this blog, I get into symbolism, and it's relation to graphics and visual art. Being, it's such big part of what we as visual artists, of any sort do. Symbolism is something I think we all take part in even if we're not aware.

The election symbolism was not lost on me, and it got me to thinking of some larger ideas that are at play. It's not lost on me at all that Barack Obama's logo is circular.  Classically  the depiction of the "O" symbolizes to the ovum, the egg, the female unit. The motherly figure.

American presidents reside inside an Oval Office, but, have often times been symbolized by a phallic or fatherly figure. Until recently, the president was always seen as Dad. Something Ronald Reagan had  tried to re-instate (after the political castration of Richard 'Dick' Nixon).

If Obama somehow symbolizes the first 'female' president, what does that mean for the country? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Whether or not I'm looking way to deep into this, I think it's interesting.

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