Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Flintstones Winston Commercial

About 50 or so years ago, Fred Flintstone was the Homer Simpson of his day. The Flintstones were the first prime time cartoon, that found an adult audience. It went on to have a 25 year run as well.

That's why it's surprising to see that Fred Flintstone was ALSO the spokesman for Winston Cigarettes. Nowadays this seems like a parody , or someones idea of a joke. This WAS at a time when the health effects of cigarettes weren't very well proven (it was referred to as a junk science at the time). But, it's probably more so the tobacco industry slyly trying to pair this kids show with their product. Probably not so different than fast food tie-in's, which, we may jts look back 60 years from now and see as just as caustic.

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