Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Skyview Flea Market

One of the perks for growing up in Santa Cruz was having the Skyview Drive-On theater. Going to the drive-in was a real treat. Not so much to see the movie, but to hang out with everyone in this giant parking lot, hearing the movie sounds echo from all of the speakers.

One of the other facets of the drive-in was that it became this giant flea market on the weekends. Endless rows of stuff, and crazy greasy food in the cafeteria. It was the most awesome place in the world for a 12 year old. I would go first thing in the morning with my friends, and dig around for comic books. Some random people would have some great stuff, and sometimes collectors would go there to sell.

 On one such occasion, there was a pretty grumpy old guy who had large boxes of comics, not in bags, all 25 cents a piece, and in decent condition. In one of these boxes, I discovered a copy oh Hulk #181 from 1975. This was 1982, so, the issue at the time was valued at about $30. For me, it was a big deal because this was the first appearance of the character Wolverine, who was my favorite. Little did I know that the issue would go to be valued at more that $1,500 (thats mint condition prices. Mines a little worn, but nevertheless, valuable!!)

Sadly, times have changed. The drive-in is no longer there, and it's been replaced by a large hospital parking lot (which is evident of our aging population, thats spending more time in convalescence, rather than leisure time), but, it's a place I'll never forget!

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