Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hugo & Molly

During my 2-year stint in Australia as a kid, there was some strange cultural adaptations that were happening. "Santa Claus" was known as 'Father Christmas'. Halloween didn't exist. Most Australian
kids actually thought Australia had gone to the moon instead of the US. There was a lot to make my head spin in confusion.

Another was fast food mascots. They DID have McDonalds and KFC (which to me were like old friends from back home!) KFC in particular had a strange set of overweight kids as their spokespeople named Hugo & Molly. I was fascinated by them and little did I know, my 7 year-old eyes were becoming susceptible to fast food marketing. They even had a comic/ coloring book (which I still have somewhere).

Looking back, it all seemed like a strange dream, till the Australian KFC marketing team decided to bring them back in 2005, though now they look a bit different.

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