Friday, October 21, 2011

Hired Killer 5

The video has finally be completed and delivered. The Guryan's (Darville Music Publishing) were happy with it, and have gone about getting it out into the world. Probably by first sending it to animation festivals and the like.

The whole process was interesting and I learned quite a bit. Notably the consequence of using large imagery in After Effects. The rendering of gigantic images that are being panned into, is extremely costly in regards to processer power, and for a time, looked like it wasn't going to work. I probably would have gone about the effects differently.

There was a lot I would have liked to do, but, I had a time frame I had to abide by. The culling and prepping of the imagery was one of the more time consuming as well as the actual animation tweaking (due to the strain on my computer). Below is the finished video, warts and all. A big thanks to Matt Patsel for being  the model for the 'Hired Killer'!

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