Monday, September 26, 2011

Ottawa Animation Festival 2011

Some images attached from the Fest. Had a great time,and Ottawa was a great town! Was in town for maybe a total of 60 hours all together, but had a chance to check out about 3 screening, namely, the Shorts Competition.

Umbra, from the short film contest, had to be one of my favorites. A strange, simple, hand drwan animation, dealing with perception, really struck me.

Carpates Express was another interesting short from the student animation screening. While not too coherent on story, the design of this piece was great, and highlighted the importance of design of animation, over movement.

Saturday evening was the 'Hip Hop and Comic Book' panel, which I was part of. It was moderated by Canadian Rapper 'Jesse Dangerously' and featured myself, Monkmus, and Eric Calderon. Notable Monkmus, since I ve been a fan of his for years. A turly gifted guy. The panel went well, and the moderartion was a bit sporadic, but, in all it was great experience.

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