Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hired Killer 3

Almost coming to 1:40 minutes of finished motion/animation with this (not bad considering the whole piece clocks at 2:35). Ive broken these into 6 pieces, each being 20 seconds of animation. To put them into one big composition would've been a nightmare, considering even some of the 20 second pieces can't even render all the way through due to lack of memory (something I'll need tackle eventually).

Once all six compositions are completed, I plan to render out all six, and comp them together along with the audio for the final cut. It won't be the most flexible (if one particular part needs to be adjusted, I'll have to go back to original composition), but, hopefully, it'll all come together.

The main issue still is sheer size of all of the assets. Making a video HD, and having deep zoom shots, requires source PhotoShop files that are gigantic...

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