Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quasimoto- Bully's Hit (2005) Part 1

When I heard the first Quasimoto LP back in 1999, I was pretty blown away. I heard the track 'C'mon Feet' in a mixtape, and it was like nothing I'd ever heard. It was the perfect mix of Hip Hop and psychadelic that was truly left field. It was something I'd always felt Hip Hop had lost since it'd become so conservative and trend bound. I knew it'd be an instant classic.

In late 2004, Egon called and asked if I was interested in a possible animated music video for the follow up- The Adventures Of Lord Quas. I answered in two parts,  a) I said there was no way I WOULDN'T be somehow involved with this record, and b) I was working on another video AND working a full time, job, but, I would make it happen. Egon and I had always talked about making an 'animated graffiti' video, and I figured this was the perfect chance. It was great news amidst a pretty dismal time in my personal life, dealing with break-up as well as seriously ill parent.

I first set off to get the 'Quasimoto' character design nailed down. It was a strange aardvark sort of creature, and I worked closely with Jeff Jank to get the right look and texture. The character itself was the work of DJ Design, and Jeff had sort of fostered the look and attitude of Quas since. I wanted to get it right, but, I ended up spending a lot of time trying to get the design settled, and just needed to get the animation started.
I had a billion ideas, but no real narrative to put them in. I just kept thinking about 'Yellow Submarine' and had ideas of man-eating graffiti letters, and treacherous landscapes. Also, I created a character named Lord Inamel who would serve as a sort of nemesis for Quas . From there, the idea of being kidnapped into a graffiti art painting came into being. (continued)

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Pedro Zanin said...

Really nice job. I love Quasimoto. Madlib is one of my favorite producers. I'm very ancious for some new Quas album and some new animation too. Peace from Brazil.