Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Start Writing

I've just started outlining the next project I'm writing, which now is mostly bits and pieces written on napkins, and text messages I've made to myself. One of the funnest parts of this is connecting the dots and making them into a cohesive storyline. This is also the most work depending on who you talk to.
Personally I get a rush of immediate excitement when I start writing the first bare lines on a page, and almost have to pry myself away from it.

While I've been tempted at times to join wiring groups or seminars, I always get the feeling that time spent in those activities would be time better spent actually writing, as opposed to discussing it. Also, the 'now's the time I'm supposed to write' mindblock can start.Which basically makes the whole undertaking seem more like a chore, rather than something you can truly enjoy doing.

Those initial ideas on a rough draft are the most important in my view. Most of them will get pared down and chopped in the final drafts, but they remain the core ideas behind the project, and the elements of the world I'm trying to visualize. I of course understand those ideas, but the end reader may not recognize them or even care for that matter. The next couple of weeks as render this chunk of text into something tangible and hopefully interesting should be challenging and also a lot of fun.

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