Friday, November 19, 2010


Recently I was working with an artist to produce their new music video. I was told from the get go that it'd be a bit tough as the guys somewhat hands on and indecisive. After a few calls, I tried to make as clear as possible that animation was a bit of a hands off process. They let me know they understood that, and we got started.

I drafted up probably one of the most detailed proposals to date. It had a sign off requirement on just about every step of the way, and the designated number of approval rounds for each (storyboard, animatic, etc.). With all of that, I was still uneasy, but we started to talk about time-frames, which he let me know would be open (open timeframes on a project can easily spell 'endless project').

With all of that, he then informed me that he had an entirely NEW idea he wanted to go with, and we had to start from scratch. After some thought (I'd actually been excited about he original idea), I told him I'd have to pass.

This stuff happens pretty regularly, and with that sort of difficulty with a client, you're somewhat relieved it didnt pan out. The 'getting to know you' part of a project can be very telling, and it's always better know early on, if something going to be a nightmare.

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