Tuesday, August 17, 2010

John “Johnny Mojo” Munnerlyn

In 1995, I was hired as an illustrator/ graphic designer at Santa Cruz Skateboards (which I've sounded off plenty here).

John Munnerlyn, or Mojo as he's known, was the art director and my boss. He'd been at Santa Cruz since the salad days of the 1980's when the company was up there with Puma and Nike in terms of prominent sports brands. He'd worked under then art director Jim Phillips, and Phillips influence carried strongly to Mojo's work. Mojo created a vast number of the skateboards (about 6 a month), and his work never ceased to amaze me. Here's some of my favorites:

Also an accomplished musician, playing blues/ rockabilly guitar with a number of outfits as well as a stint as drummer with the infamous Diesel Queens.

After a good 12 years of creating skate art and merchandise, Mojo has since moved on full time fine-art career creating skate graphics now and ten and also heading up his own brand American Sideshow.

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Kim Bombshell said...

Hey, I wrote a blog about John's new project, making guitars.