Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Team Extreme Part 3

By now the shoot was 2 weeks in, with a total of 6 weeks allotted. On some of the key days, I made sure I was there for the entire day. The crew was mostly pretty seasoned, it turned out the DP had just wrapped working camera for one of the Mummy movies. We were total amateurs, and it doesnt take long for the pros to figure that out. Things got a lot more tense as tempers started to flare, romances started to happen on set, and certain keyshots ended up not happening. By this time, Jeff was happy with whatever he could get on camera.

After shooting ended, which also happened to coincide with some of the hottest heat wave days the city had had in a while, we set out to start on post. We were excited about this part, as, it didnt require herding cats so much, and was something we felt a little more adept to. We decided to make an somewhat animated title sequence, along with some interstitials.

At about this point, I had just gotten another video job, that looking back, I probably should have turned down. It was the perfect example how agreeing to do consecutive projects ends up just hurting both.

We cut the entire movie together and were ready to deliver it to FUEL. By now, we couldnt even watch the thing, and, it turned out looking a bit mor amateur than we'd hoped, but looking back, we pulled off a complete feature length with a small amount of money, and ended up getting to take it to Sundance that January (even if it did play in a very small theater). A short cut can be seen here:

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