Monday, November 23, 2009

The Web Page Skin Is The Album Cover (sort of)

I was putting together a skin for an artists new album, and the thought dawned on me. Since we've long lost the 12 vinyl sleeve as as a means of visually communicating the album, and CD's booklets never seemed to much of a successor, the web page skin is the latest step in that evolution, and I think it's a positive one.

When the new Rakim LP showed up, and I'd hear it , the skin I'd seen is what came to mind. It was the visual reference I'd immediatley associated with the music, and I think that association is a lot more important than most think.

One of the most popular LP's of all time is Sgt. Peppers. The music on that album, as classic as it was, was only part of the picture. I'd argue that that album cover is one the most easily recognizable images in popular culture. If the LP had no cover at all, I'm not sure it would have made the same impact. While it'll never replace that experience that vinyl shoppers like myself one had of rummaging in the record bin, I think the 'web skin' is a promising new tool in the art of music visuals.

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