Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Business Plot™

An idea I've been kicking around some time is to adapt the book ' The Plot to Seize the White House' which involves the story of The Business Plot.

It was a very real 'coup attempt' that involved World War 1 hero Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler being approached by men who claimed to have the backing of some of the biggest major companies of the day (a purported 30 million dollars). Butler, in a testimony before Congress alledged that the conspirators asked him to head a military takeover of the US Government in 1934, that would enable a corporate junta to be in charge of the United States, and appointed General Douglas MacArthur as it's leader.

Smedley Butler ended up going directly to the press with this information, blowing the Plot's cover. All parties involved immediately denied involvement. After a lengthy Congressional Investigation, it discovered Butlers' claims to be factual.

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