Monday, August 10, 2009

My Algea Home

In past posts, I've featured excerpts from the numerous zines I've compiled and contributed too. One of my faves was Boots N Booze. A pretty run-in-the-mill teenage rant tome which a dozen or so of us published. Complete with record reviews, comics, booze critique and the like, a dear friend of mine named Roi Sykes contributed a column called 'My Algea Home'. From time to time, I'll be posting his writings including the following which was his first entry:

In catching the bus to class, who should I encounter but our dear friend Gardner (as of yet his secret identity as Silver Feather The Wind God is still unknown to the general public). This was great because now I didn't have to keep my nose buried in some boring textbook. Gardner and I could carry on a conversation in hushed tones, occasionally shoot a pensive glance out the window, and generally behave in a superior manner to those around us. We could talk about all of our duties and the ways to avoid them., we could mock the way someone was dressed. The bus and the world that rushed past it's windows became mine and Garndners private little situation comedy.

Aside from this, Gardeners presence diverted my attention from a deep psychological craving for Cream of Wheat that I had been nurturing all morning. We can all agree that regular oatmeal does get boring after a while, despite it's high nutritional value. However, Cream Of Wheat, compared to oatmeal, just seems more glamorous. It's sexier, especially with raisins.

Finally, we arrived at Cabrillo College. Gardner and I bid one another a fond 'adieu' and went our ways. With about a half hour to kill before class, I went to the library. On the desk I chose to study at, was an ongoing dialogue between two students at odds with each other. It went something like this:
"Fuck you, asshole."
"Fuck you."
"Yeah? Why don't you ever show your face, you fucker?"
"Maybe you want to star some shit?"
"Call 423-4522. Ask for Yvonne"
Yikes! Could these be two girls? So much for equality of the sexes. Girls can be so much more viscious than their male counterparts. Anyways, the desk was very distracting so I went to the cafeteria. Bewildered, but also a little bit happy, because, in the cafeteria they had Cream Of Wheat. So, propping my boots up on the table, enjoying my Cream Of wheat, I dreamed of My Algea Home.

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