Thursday, December 9, 2010

Waltz With Bashir

Though I've always been interested in the look of this film, especially the use of familiar techniques of animation,, the story told here stuck with me. It's a first hand account of the 1982 Israel/Lebanon conflict, and, in particular, a massacre that occurred in which scores of civilians were slaughtered.

The main character hold s a series of interviews and somewhat surreal re-enactments of the actual events that occurred back in 1982, being that he's been struck with amnesia since, and is tormented by a pack of 26 dogs.

In watching the 'making of' parts on the DVD, they use a system of animation that involves multi-layered Flash elements, 3D enviornments, and interesting compositing methods. The combination gives the story and surreal look and really captures well the fog of war and the denial that comes along with it. A very brave story along with an interesting medium makes this an unforgettable movie.

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