Thursday, June 11, 2009

NIneteen Eighty Five Mix Vol.1

When I decided to put together a 'soundtrack' mix for the book, I had a dozen or so songs in mind. Mostly stuff that not only I was listening to at the time, or taping off of the local radio show, but music that you heard just walking down the street. When presenting any 'music of the day', it's important to list what everyone else was listening to, as opposed to just what YOU liked (though some of the tracks on here are a bit before or after 85!).

This was the particular 'beta' mix I'd put together in SoundStudio, before PBW so graciously compiled the mix that's featured in the book now.

Download it HERE:

Nuance- Take A Chance
Scratch Masters Jam Volume #5
UTFO- Roxannes Back Side
George Clinton- Do Fries Go With That Shake?
Bad Boys- Bad Boys
Cherelle- Like I Will (Tokyo Mix)
Doug E Fresh- The Show
Paul Hardcatsle- Rain Forest
Chuck Chill Out- Hip Hop On Wax Vol.1
Mantronix- Needle To The Groove
Beastie Boys- Beastie Groove
Animation- Obsession
Russell Rush- Cold Chillin' In The Spot
Atlantic Starr- Freak-A-Ristic
Tommy Boy Megamix

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