Wednesday, June 24, 2009

109 W 5th Street

In preparing for an art show downtown, I had the idea to paint the window with the logo from the book. The idea I had was a simple 'masking' method using tape, exacto knives and rollers.

With the image penciled reverse on the tape, I used exacto knifes to cut the letters out. When these were cut out, I went ahead and used a paint roller on the window.

A concern I had was having the paint be able to easily come off of the window eventually. I used a water based paint with this in mind. The problem was before our eyes, we watched the tape start to buckle and bleed. The stencil hadn't help up:

After letting it dry, and peeling the tape. I saw that this was in fact salvagable, and just used a razor blade to 'clean up' the bleeds on all of the letters. The final result (aside from the crooked 'G') seemed to work.

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