Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let Me Talk To You (2001)

In May of 2001, right on the heels of finishing up the 'Biz Markie' video. I'd promised Kurt that's I'd put together a follow up video for his Masters Of Illusion LP. In keeping with the 'wrestling mask' theme of the record (a costume he would don on stage), we figured on some sort of a 'love caper' involving mexican wrestlers. The whole story would culminate on a final showdown.

Much like the 'We All Over' video, we'd create this for web purposes. Especially at the time, making 'Flash' videos was popular, as you could also embed games, hidden items and features into the streaming video. It was something that not a lot of developers were taking advantage of. And most music video directors were sticking with straight NTSC videos, hoping for that one in a million shot on MTV.

The time frame we had for this was 4 weeks. The We' All Over video had 8 weeks of production time, and that ended up being the hardest I'd ever worked on a single project. The advantage here was having the precedence of making a couple of these by now as well as having left my full time job. Aside from the animation, I'd wanted to put a simple Flash game in there as well, to coincide with the 'wrestling' theme (the YouTube version obviously doesn't have this). After 4 weeks or so, the video was delivered, and had a good run on the Web as well as broadcast versions on MTV2.

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