Monday, June 28, 2010

Crime Time

This was developed a while ago for an online show as a sort of interactive/cartoon/comic, side feature. The story centered around four homeless kids who make their home in an abandoned subway car.

The kids have the idea that, with the help of technical boy wizard 'Gnome', they'll one day get the car started again and running and away from the underground.In the meantime they come up against foes who have their eye on the car itself.

The four main characters consisted of Mila, a hot-headed graffiti artist. Gnome, the tinkerer brains of the outfit. Jaws, the loudmouthed, outspoken heart of the crew (Gnomes brother). And Charles, a limber jointed, half-wit, who, though part of the crew, is the only member who has an actual home.

Their adventures bring them to confront nazi skinheads, dangerous, homeless-ex-police, and insane social workers who have sinister agendas.

The series was created entirely in Flash, and had mostly a 'web comic' format along with music and animated elements within the panels.

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