Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Propaganda 2

I've been coming across a lot of poster art, especially from the early 20th century when the poster was in it's heyday as the main instrument of communication. Poster work nowadays is reduced to movie ads and outdoor advertising, but, it was once a powerful force in the world of propaganda/marketing. Here's some of the notables:

The Chinese art was a little more cartoonish, and some of the figure had an almost Manga quality to them.

These are more of a collage approach where the folks over at White re-appropriated old WW2 posters with new imagery.

This is a strange Nazi SS poster that showed how they masked anti-semitism as anti-communism.

This is a North Korean poster that's not all that old. The figures in it are commemorating Korea's Mongol and Siberian heritage.

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