Thursday, November 20, 2008


It's hard to mention Phase 2 and not mention his contribution to the Art Magazine world called The International Graffiti Times. It was a large format magazine, usually measuring around 24" X 17", newspaper format. It was published sporadically, and wasn't always the easiest thing to find. When you did come across a copy in some random bookstore, it was a major find.

The content was in collage format, consisting of mainly graffiti art, logos, personal and political photos, all assembled around a stream of consciousness body of text that covered a host of subjects and current events.

What I loved about IGT was how punk it was in it's format, with most other graffiti magazines getting themselves mired in the trends and politics of the scene. IGT stood alone in that it was done on it's own terms. It was always hard to determine who exactly the editors were, but, it was common knowledge at the time that it was chiefly 'Phase 2' along with 'Vulcan'.

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