Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Motion Man- Clearing The Field

In 2002, Threshold Records released Bay Area rap maverick Motion Man's debut LP, Clearing The Field. Motion has a pretty rich history, making his was through numerous bay area acts including Zero Tolerance, Noggin Nodders, etc.

After some colaborations and guest spots on Kool Keiths solo projects, it was high time for his own record. In planning for the project, head of Threshold Records, Kurt Matlin, had action figure created of himself and Motion Man. We took this into the record design, and came up with by far one of the funnest projects I've ever worked on. I agreed to come on to promote the record with album art as well as a music video, assorted promo materials.

We put together a booklet for lyrics for the records, using photos taken by Scott Zuschin, who, ingeniously pulled off great close up images of the figures which gave them an eerie lifelike quality.