Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Coon Skin

Of all of Ralph Bakshi's work (Lord Of The Rings, American Pop, Fritz the Cat), Coon Skin was probably his most ambitious and risky. Being an inner New York City kid, Ralph saw a lot of the realities that he felt weren't being portrayed in regular film. Coon Skin was a blatant (not to mention the title itself) challenge to the status quo, and a very real take on racism.

Upon release, the film was pretty much shelved, and was released years later on limited VHS run under the name 'Street Fight'. The story delves in a cops and robbers storyline including purposely exaggerated sterotypes of african and italian-Americans and gays, etc. It pulled no punches. It can be found online, and a new Bakshi book thats been released discusses the movie in depth.

And here's Ralph himself at Comic-Con commenting on the current state of the animation industry.

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