Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Scratchy Seal's Rescue

About 8 years ago, I produced a show called Hip Hop Massive, and, on a weekly basis, we updated a website full of content. Everything from interviews, to mixes, anything relating to a weekly guest.

We had the mighty DJ QBert on one week, and, we knew he was a huge Atari fan, so, I put together a Flash game for him based on his mascot, Scratchy Seal (a seal puppet he wears on his hand which should demonstrate his insane silliness). So, I layed out a few 2600 style, 8-Bit, frames of artwork, and rigged some simple coding, and was left with this.


BTW there are 3 levels to this game. Whoever out there can get past the third level (and send me a screenshot), a free Simpsons Season 10 DVD will be yours.

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