Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Manchester Orchestra- "Golden Ticket"

For a few months, I'd gone back and forth with the folks at Manchester Orchestra's label, trying to find the right song and video idea. I'd pitched them about 2-3 written treatments to a couple of songs. The band were keen on the idea of it being animated, but, wanted something somewhat abstract. "Golden Ticket' finally came up, and a slightly narrative treatment was written, and they said 'Go!'. They'd wanted it to be related to the lyrics in certain ways, but nothing to obvious. This is what resulted.

This was shot on Sony HD in my friends basement, and then, composited with all of the animation. The shoot took 3 hours. The animation took 7 weeks. We did have some issues with video fields (which were a bitch to key out), but the rest mostly needed little touch up work.

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Anna Gallaspy said...

This is awesome!!! Did you do all that animation?
You know I am always down for another James project. :)