Monday, April 14, 2008

Ollie Johnston

Nursing myself back to health, I was on the couch watching The Incredibles, and, aside from marveling at the amazing job they did on that film, I was surprised that this time I actually noticed the Frank & Ollie cameo shown below.

Ollie Johnston, along with his longtime collaborator Frank Thomas, was one of Disneys Nine Old Men, who were responsible for creating the original string of classic Disney movies, ranging from Snow White, all of the way to the Jungle Book.

Sad to say Ollie passed away today, but, he leaves behind an amazing legacy. There 's so much to say about him, that, nothing I could write in this post would do him justice. There's some great books out there that feature his work, most notably The Illusion of Life. Check it out.

October 31, 1912 – April 14, 2008

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