Saturday, August 23, 2008

Band art

Sometimes I'll stumble on a live band, and just have to draw them. Sometimes the bands ask about it, but, most times, I get the urge to put them on paper. Even if they're not a 'cartoon' band. Mostly due to the characteristics I'll see. One band in particular was the Catheters from Seattle, whom I 'm not even sure are still performing anymore, but were great when I caught them a few years ago.

I've got a little collection of these which I'll be posting as I come across them.

1 comment:

leo said...

Haha, I remember that you emailed us this picture, which unfortunately was promptly deleted (on accident) along with any trace of your contact info. How funny to discover it now!

Thanks (belated) for the rad picture!

(bass player w/ broken string)